These webinar sessions are FREE for the APR Clients who have purchased the APR Perpetual Giveaways. If you're not an APR Client, join our list now! These training were held live and are now ready for you to view.  They're a little over an hour long each, crammed with a LOT of information, so get your notebook ready to take notes and your mouse poised over the pause button!

Session 1 – Overview of Series &
How to Leverage Your Giveaway to Sell Books

Session 2 – Finding the Right
Mailing List Service & Why You Need One

Updated Handout: What to Look for in a Mailing List Service

Session 3 – How to Create
Enticing Subject Lines & Engaging Content

UPDATED Handout: Links & Resources to Create FREEBIES for Your Readers

Session 4 – How to Create a Personal Reader Campaign
(aka Drip Campaign)
to Turn Your Subscribers into Devoted Fans

Handout: Step-By-Step Instructions on How To Draft Your Reader Club Plan

Session 5 – Effective Marketing Techniques &
Tools that Will Increase Your Sales and Save You Money

Handout: Canva Instructions and HTML Code for Freebie Instructions

Session 6 – How to Setup Your
Personal Reader Campaign
(MailChimp Demo)

HandoutStep-By-Step Instructions on How To Create a Drip Campaign (use with video)

Session 7 – How to Build a Review Team Part 1:
Using Segments & Groups

UPDATED Handout: Creating Groups & Segments in MailChimp to Manage a Review Team

Session 8 – How to Build a Review Team – Part 2
Web Forms and Groups

HandoutPart 2 of Building a Review Team

Session 9 – How to Engage with Your Subscribers
and NOT Sound Like a SPAM Bot

HandoutHow to Personalize Your Automatic Reader Campaign

Session 10 – How to Setup a Strategic Marketing Plan
Short & Long Term Marketing Techniques

HandoutSlides of Presentation with Links to Book Discovery Sites

Session 11 – How to Package Your Products
(Using Your Books as Marketing Tools)

HandoutLinks for Resources Mentioned in Presentation
Slides Notes

Session 12 – How to Use Your New Mailing List
to Have a Successful Book Launch

HandoutArial's Self-Publishing Schedule Checklist & Notes