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Tell Us About Your Ideal Readers

Provide us with a few bigger name authors who you think might have readers who would also love your books. When your dedicated account manager fires up your customized FaceBook advertising, we will test & target these sort of readers. Over time, as we manage your ads, we will perfect this targeting & build more and more reader audiences that are totally unique to YOU and YOUR books!

We Get Readers Attention

We start by using paid advertising to grow your email newsletter subscribers with an evergreen, custom giveaway. After a reader enters, they have the option to follow you on social media for more entries. They can also share on their social pages and get entries for every friend who signs up.

Increasing Your Email & Social Following

Over time, as more readers are introduced to your books, your social following as well as your newsletter subscribers will continue to grow and grow! Because everything we do is ads driven, you are getting the most targeted, qualified readers possible. The best part? Once we start, you never have to think about it! We do all the work for you.

Always Enhancing Using AI

Through the use of advertising driven AI technology, we identify what audiences are most likely to engage with your brand, books and voice. As we evolve your marketing, we can better target those readers more effectively while building more audiences based on that behavior. Our algorithm is trained to only engage with these readers. This technology allows our authors to gain significantly more engaged subscribers and followers than nearly any other method available.

Features of AuthorPlatformRocket

Just a small selection of what we have to offer

Why Should You Grow Your
Author Platform With Us?

Intelligent Advertising

Our optimization team ensures your author platform improves constantly. The APR marketing team keeps up to date with the always changing advertising and email rules to maximize your results!

Sell More Books Training!

When you sign up, you’ll get access to our "how to sell more books" live stream recordings! This is the training you need to see HOW to better work with your new subscribers, social followers and fans!

AI-Powered Optimization

Our artificial intelligence-powered advertising engine uses historical data as well as custom audiences to constantly improve the quality readers and subscribers your ads attract. We frequently refine your personalized growth strategy to ensure maximum results.


If you're ever unsure of anything or if you ever have questions, we got you! Reach out to our team of experts 24/7/365 via email and we will be back with you super fast!

Any Author. Any Niche or Genre

APR is able to work with nearly any author with any book in any genre. If you have any questions, just reach out and ask!


All of our giveaways adhere to all requirements for disclosure and clarity. We take it even further by only (unless requested) targeting US based readers and requiring all readers to verify they signed up.


APR will take your reader base to new heights, for a VERY low flat rate + the cost of ads! We have the most competitive priced full-suite FB ads driven program service online.

No Complex Software

We aren't a tool. We're a service. We utilize 100% ads driven marketing which is managed by our team of experts. Let us focus on your platform growth, so you can focus on your writing. The way publishing should be!

Set It & Forget It

We take all the guess work out of everything – zero setup on your end, no complicated settings, no hassle. We run everything in the background, send reports each week so you know what's working. When your new subscribers show up, simply upload them into your autoresponder 1x each month and you're done!

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

After only 6 months with APR, at only $3/day in ad spend, you can expect your platform to grow by over 5,000 subscribers and fans!

Client Testimonials

Real Reviews, from Real AuthorPlatformRocket Clients

Subscribers From APR Are WAY More Responsive!

I'm one of the lucky authors to join this program. The subscribers from Author Platform Rocket are way more responsive than my original email subscribers had been.

My new list is full of more targeted subscribers than even ones that came from my blog. They loooove what I write and it shows in how they respond.

I'd done the FB ads on my own and not only did they take a long time I just couldn't make them work. Not like this.

I now have a platform that loves to read AND loves the genre I write.

I See A Rinse In My Average Daily Sales!

I have NEVER been disappointed with anything from you!

I am THRILLED y'all are here to take the guesswork out of building my list for me and I look forward to the future.

I further see a rise in my average daily sales from 250 to over 300 books!! I attribute that in large part to the new readers y'all are bringing me because at this point I am using no other advertising!


I Used To Waste $1K/month In Ads. Now With You, I’m Making Money!

Prior to investing in this program, I was paying more than $1,000 per month on ads, plus numerous promo discount sites and doing so without a plan, just hoping something would stick to the wall and result in actual book sales.

Short of a Book Bub, I was pretty much wasting my money. But now that I’ve handed over the marketing of my books to APR, that same amount of money is finally making me money.

You can actually see the growth happening on my KDP sales reports page.

As a result, I not only have more time to write on daily basis, but I now have time to read. What a concept!

Since I Started Working With APR My Sales Have Increased 60% Over Last Year!

Since I started working with APR my sales have increased 60% over last year. The team and crew are top-notch and have been amazing to work with. They know the industry, they know what works, and they always have my best interest at heart. I highly recommend them to any author looking to build their author brand.

This Has Resulted In A Noticeable Jump In Paid Books!

This program has provided a significant jump in downloads of a free book which has resulted in a noticeable jump in paid books for the second book in the series following the campaign.

Now, I feel as though I may be pulling myself out of the Amazon/Facebook mire I've been drowning in for the past couple of years.

THANK YOU so much!

I Haven’t Had This Many Preorders Since 2015! The Only Difference Is You Guys!

I've been watching (of course!) the preorders on Win & Justus and holy-freaking-crap!

I haven't had a preorder over 3k since 2015 I think, and over the last six months even struggled to hit 2k at times.

I'm just tickled to pieces, because the only real difference is your group. High Five!

From 0 To Over 3,000 Subscribers!

I have over 3k actual reader subscribers now, up from 0 when I began with you just a few months ago! This is really amazing!

I Made Twice As Much… All Because My List Is Bigger!

I just sent an email out yesterday with the subject line “Have you seen these books?”

I made twice as much from that email as I did from a similar email at the beginning of April, all because my list is bigger, thanks to you guys.


I think you guys are totally amazing and would highly recommend you to anyone and everyone.

0 M
Subscribers & Social Followers

Affordable Pricing

Bestseller Marketing

Long Term Reader Growth For Serious Results
$ 49 Monthly
  • Consistent, Steady Reader Growth. Designed for Upcoming Nonfiction & Fiction Authors
  • $3/day Min Ad Spend Separate
Top Seller

How many new subscribers you get each month as well as your overall cost per subscriber/follower/lead, will depend on many, many factors. 

However, in most cases, you can expect, at a minimum $3/day ad spend, an increase of 5,000 new, targeted subscribers and social followers within 6 months.

Here are a few variables

  • Your daily budget (minimum $3/day)
  • Your market/genre
  • Your giveaway offer
  • Your ad account age/seasoning/audiences
  • Your target market (this and your daily budget are often the most important)

 All those and more, play a roll in determining how quickly we are able to get to an amazing outcome.

As we test & optimize the ads and audience, your cost per subscriber/follower will often begin to drop.

Once optimized, we have seen gross subscriber costs as low as $.10 – $.79.  Fiction authors tend to see lower CPL than nonfiction authors.  Nonfiction can be as low as $1.50 or much higher depending on how competitive and responsive YOUR market is.

100% YES! We are not a “social media growth” company who needs to access your accounts in order to SPAM the planet with robots.  We are an actual advertising agency who specializes in platform growth via paid FaceBook advertising.

Everything we do is totally “whitehat”, above board, legal and not a terms of service violation.

Remember: Real, paid ads. Not SPAM/fake accounts or bot farms.

We've been doing this for authors since 2015 and will continue for many years to come. 

If you are an author with a clearly defined market (aka fitness/fantasy/business/thriller) then APR is perfect for you.

We work with both Fiction as well as Nonfiction in every genre and any niche.

If you have a question about your book(s), please use the form below to reach out and ask!  We will take a look and verify.

There are ZERO hidden fees.

Our coregistration based cost for the ongoing service is only $49/month (with YOUR CHOICE of ad spend ranging from $3/day- $10/day).

Again: your ad spend can be as low as $3/day.  From there you can factor in the prizes you give out each cycle (about four times per year).


  • $49/month (APR service)
  • $3/day for ads ($90/mo paid to FaceBook)
  • $50 prizes (4x per year or an average of $16.67/month)
  • Laying all costs out month over month your average total would be $155.17/month

We can help you lower those as well!

For authors wishing to have dedicated, stand alone lead generation and not partner with one of our in house discovery sites, dedicated options start at $199/month beginning with ad spends as low as $10/day.  Please reach out below (or to  if this sounds like the level of program you would like.

At this time, there are no other marketing agencies offering a program like this at an affordable price. 

Most agencies begin with monthly fees starting at $3k + and also charge a percentage of ad spend or revenue.

We have perfected our reader growth for authors program over many years, and can make it affordable to everyone because of the coregistration systems we've built.

APR is designed to be the perfect, long-term solution to the most pressing issue facing authors today: having consistent, daily platform building marketing that actually builds a reader base.

There are no contracts and you may cancel any time before your 3 month cycle begins. (Clarity: once you begin a 3 month cycle, you will be billed for that cycle. If you wish to cancel, simply send us an email 7 business days before your next cycle, and you will not be billed further after that current cycle ends.)

You must contact us via email within 7 business days of your giveaway cycle ending in order to avoid an additional cycle.

When we receive your request, we will begin closing out your promotion. This is to be fair to all who entered and give everyone the allotted amount of time promised on the page through which they entered.

You will still be responsible for sending prizes to the winners of your final cycle.

OUR REFUND POLICY: We offer a no hassle, 100% money back guarantee provided you you cancel 7 business days before the start of your first campaign going live.  As we run all ads through YOUR FaceBook ad account, if you want a refund there you'll have to take it up with them 😉 

LONG TERM CONTRACTS: While we have zero contracts or commitments, we do strongly recommend, especially with lower daily ad budgets, that you allow for at least two (2), three month (3 month) cycles to see how effective our services is.

Trying for 30 days and then bouncing if you don't see 100K new fans won't help you.  If that's your plan, please do not join. That's a losing mindset that sucks up our time and wastes yours.

It can take up to 10 business days to build your custom campaign from scratch.  From there, ad testing can require another 30-60 days at lower daily budgets to fully optimize.

Coregistration simply means that the subscribers built from this program flow into your funnel as well as our partner media company. 

This means if you're a romance author you will be partnered with one of our romance ecosystems. 

We do this for several reasons:

  • It allows us to dramatically lower our agency fees charged to you.  In many cases 95% below what you would pay
  • We can create amazing bonuses to help boost your lead generation
  • We are able to feature your promotion to our in house audience up to 4x per year!

As we build your exclusive and dedicated promotion, you will receive weekly updates on progress.

You will also be able to approve any graphics during this build phase. (typically under 14 business days)

After your giveaway starts you will receive data driven updates every two (2) weeks.

NOTE: We are in the process of finalizing our automated reporting system. Once that is complete you will receive updates every week!

Report Data Includes:

  • See Your Growth: see where you started against how much you have grown!
  • How many new email subscribers you have!
  • Social follower/fan growth
  • Average CPL/CPF (cost per lead/cost per follower blended report)
  • Viral growth (FREE earned media from shares/friends of fans)
  • Growth per cycle: As your promotion will “reset” every 90 days, you'll get to see how much each cycle has helped to grow your author platform
  • Your current daily ad spend (determined by you)
  • Notes/comments from the team

We thought you'd never ask!  In addition to managing your paid FB ads, we will feature your promotion up to 4x per year to our dedicated email newsletter.

Because we build each of our book/author discovery sites niche by niche and genre by genre, we are able to get your book in front of thousands of reader subscribers.

Outside of the APR program, these promotions would cost as much as $199+ each. 

You get them for free as an extra bonus!

That's a total value of up to $796!

These promotions can also increase your followers & subscribers by 1K – 3K.

We're here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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