For Author Entrepreneurs: How To Use A Book To Add 6 Figures To Your Business In 90 Days Or Less

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How To Use A Book To Add 6 Figures To Your Business In 90 Days Or Less 

(Even If You Haven't Written It Yet)

Jonny Andrews - Founder Of AuthorPlatformRocket

"Jonny has a way of delivering knowledge that is nothing short of brilliant". - USA Today Bestselling author Brenda Trim

For Author Entrepreneurs: Learn How We Used "Conversational Conversion" To Generate $1,030,647 Before Our Site Even Went Up & How To Apply The Technique Inside Your Own Business Today

  • How To Stand Out In A Crowded Market: It's difficult to stand out in any market worth being in the massive volume of authors and books being published each month. You'll learn exactly how to rise above and stay there.  
  • Relying Solely On Amazon: Amazon can be amazing but if you rely on a single platform you're going to end up losing your shirt. This is how you can profit in more ways and with larger income.  
  • How To Dramatically Grow Your Income: If you're hoping to se a book and build your income you might want to think again. During this free training you'll learn exactly how to turn a book into a healthy revenue stream (and it's not how you think!) 
  • Sending the Wrong Message to the Wrong People: How to discover who your REAL customers are and how to target only the most engaged people with your messages and ads... 
  • Not Knowing Your Numbers: Do you really know what it takes to get to or grow to multiple 6 figures in sales? Register now and find out how getting there is much easier than you think! 
  • How To Transform Your Content Into Huge Upsells & More: How to find your market, come up with winning ideas, build loyal tribes of long term fans, convert them to buyers and more. 

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