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Having Worked For Over 10 Years With More Than 16K Authors & Entrepreneurs, I've Seen How Difficult It Is To Get A Book Into The World, Let Alone Have It Become A Profitable Part Of Your Business. That's Why On This Free Webinar We Will Teach You Exactly How To Turn Your Book Into A Powerful Tool That Can Become A Multi-6 And Even 7 Figure Business Rapidly... 


Even if your book isn't finished you will finally get a straight answer as to how it can be made to be profitable


Conventional marketing is NOT for most authors. During this training we will show you what to do instead and exactly how to deploy it in your business. 


You will discover a powerful method called "Conversational Conversion" you can use today to eliminate having to sell...

Unlock The Power Of M.M.M.I. 

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About Your Host

“My name is Jonny Andrews and I'm the founder of Author Platform Rocket. We work with well over 16K author entrepreneurs, including hundreds of USA Today and New York Times bestsellers, transforming advetising into income while helping to scale businesses. This webinar is a step by step breakdown of the exact steps I use in my own business and my clients to see radical income growth and transformation. You'll get every part of how I did it and how you can use the same systems, tactics and strategies to transform your business today."

— Jonny Andrews

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