Hungry Readers & Fans On Steroids

Even before we start running your ads, each of our book discovery ecosystems reach between 35,000 and 350,000 readers every week and the audience we have is not just a collection of people who only like books. They're not even people who love fiction. These people are ravenous devourers of all things action/adventure and romance including PNR, contemporary, erotic, historic and more...
Founded by the same people who created I Love Vampire Novels for PNR in 2011, and with carefuly focused marketing and strategic planning, they tapped into the fan bases of the hottest authors of our time to bring you the hottest, most responsive group of book-buying readers ever assembled in a single genera. We know what our fans like and how enthusiastic they are.  And they want to know about YOU and your books!

We Have Given Authors Over 477,355 Subscribers In Only A Few Months This Program!  (Highly Responsive Subscribers With Reported Open Rates Of Between 45% - 89%)

There is nothing like this in the publshing world for fiction authors.  Litterally nothing.  As an industry you have been left to your own devices when it comes to marketing.  And that is why just shy of everyone fails to make a living with their books.  When we first launched in November of 2015 we had no idea the sort of response this program would get... it was just the test of an idea.  Today we are running close to 500 programs pulling in thousands of new newsletter subscribers for authors.

Who Is this For?

This program is for authors who understand they need to be constantly generating new email subscribers for their business and need help doing that.  These giveaways will run for 90 days and then automatically restart.  The reason for this 90-day time period is to keep the prize cost down for you so that the majority of funds can be directed to Facebook ads.  Note: This is not a 90 day only program.  This is perpetual and eternal because the need to generate new subscribers is perpetual and eternal.  The restart is simply so prizes can be paid out to winners.  The contests will then keep rolling and rolling and rolling because you will always need a constant flow of readers.

 How Are You Getting Me All These Subscribers?

We use advertising methods that actually work: FaceBook Ads.  And we are VERY good at them.  While complex and time consuming, they are the #1 way to build your email newsletter platform.    Facebook ads are required as they are the only form of front-end traffic we will use.  As the contest has a healthy viral backend, you will also get some residual traffic from Twitter/Pinterest and whatnot.    You can do $3/day, $5/day, $7/day, $10/day or higher Facebook ads budget.  Once you pick your budget, we will send a 2nd subscription link that will automatically bill you for your ad spend each month + 3% PayPal Fees (about $.15 per $5 spent).

 What happens during this first 30 days of setup when the giveaway isn’t running yet?

Today you will pay $97 as the “set up” and, during this 1st 30 days, we will get all the graphics set up, the actual giveaway AND iron out logistic questions with the prizes and all that jazz.  Why do we do this?  Because after our 1st round of folks to come through, we are finding a lot of people are choosing prizes and things that will require multiple modifications as time passes, so this first 30 days is used to coach you on how to maximize your giveaways. We want these giveaways to do the work for you and require little-to-no maintenance on your part to build your author platform. Think of these as a set-it-and-forget-it approach to gathering your mailing list…which frees up your time to write more! Such an approach takes some time and a team effort from you and us.

 How many subscribers can I expect per month?

Everything depends on what we can get the cost per lead down to.  As we will be testing targeting regularly, it should be pretty low.  Normally, a great cost per subscriber is $.45 per email address or lower.  We are often able to get lower (we have seen a great deal fall around $.15 - $.25 with a few as low as $.04!) but use this amount as a ballpark figure and a realistic expectation for the first 30 days of ads.  As time goes on and your ad picks up more social proof (likes/comments/shares), your cost per lead often drops substantially.  This is the other reason we really violently discourage stopping/starting.  ;) 

Our campaigns have been able to pull in 200 - 300 subscribers per month at a $3/day ad spend.  So, if you’re spending $150/month on ads ($5/day), you could expect at least 400 subscribers per month, often closer to 500!  In almost all cases we are currently running well over 125% of expectations and in a few cases 3-4x what was promised. 

 Can I giveaway different prizes and books every time?

Sure. We allow ONE change per 12 month run and after that there will be a $125 change fee after the giveaways are approved and running on elements that effect the ads/graphics of the ads.  If you want to modify stuff, please do it before your first giveaway goes live as this 1st 30 days is all about getting the giveaway set up and right.  Why? To restart them is dancing with advertising suicide.  We have had previous giveaways where the lead costs dropped from $.60 to $.04 where the ads were paused for a time and then restated.  Costs went back through the roof.  We need to spend quite a bit of time honing in your ad targeting to finally lock it in. To stop/start is totally counterproductive and resets all our efforts. Changing the prizes means changing the graphics, which means stopping the ads and starting all over.  Every new change to the offer, graphics or language means we have to totally start over on our end from scratch.  It’ll end up costing you more per lead and totally defeat the purpose of having a long-term ad solution running in the background collecting your fans.

 OMG I’m so excited! Can I get my subscribers before the 90 day reset?

Absolutely!  We export your new subscribers every 2 weeks automatically so there's no need to reach out, it'll just happen!

 This is great! But…now what do I do with all these readers (aka subscriber email addresses)?

As part of the program, we will be compiling a great list of what you can do with these folks to keep them engaged and keep them buying your books. The main thing to keep in mind is this is the audience you’re building to buy your books…but they aren’t your fans just yet. You have to build a relationship with them. Right now, just hang tight while we complete this document that will give you these tips and tricks on how to do just that. It should be coming out no later than the end of January 2016.

Yes.  We will hold your hand through this process.  We fully understand this is a very new experience for most authors.

 Can I cancel any time or am I roped in forever?

We’re not going to make you commit to any sort of contract BUT it really makes a ton of sense for you to stick around for 9 - 12 months and really get the meat out of this.  However, if you are just not “feeling it” after the 1st 3-month giveaway has reset, you can always pop out.  But please, I repeat, PLEASE do not join this if you are going to “test” it out for a few days and then bounce.  That’s not a good enough run to get any sort of reading.  Please don’t take a spot if you can’t commit to one level of the above ad spend per month + the $97.  At the moment of this writing we have had zero cancelations due to the insane level of performance this progam produces. 

Who Are These New Subscribers And How Responsive Are They?

When we run your ads we target actual readers in the USA who are deeply excited to find out about what you are and what you write.  On the backend of your giveaway there is a viral component that runs through Twitter, Pinterest and even allows your subscribers to tell their friends.  (But it is not required of them).  So while we will run your ads only to reader demographcis of exactly the people/gender/age/country that make sense, the viral component can bring folks in from all over.  Many of the authors write back letting us know they have seen open rates between 45% - 72% depending on what messages they send.  (To compare, industry average is just over 10% in similar situations.)

How will this program help me sell my books?

Simple: There is not a single method of advertising more effective than building a personal email list.  Ever.  If you do not yet have one then you may not know this.  But inside our program many authors have gone from having a small dribble of 5-20 subscribers per month to receiving thousands.  All you have to do is message them from time to time letting them know about what you have written.  Ask them to buy your book(s).  Yes.  It actually is that easy and until you have spent time doing it you'll never know just how amazing it is. 

Send email = sell books. 

Sure It Works, But Don’t Take My Word For It

I’d been chipping away at building my mailing list for the last six months, but it was slow going UNTIL I signed up for APR’s platform building boost. My mailing list exploded. Not only that, my inbox is full of mail from fans clamoring for my books. Thank you, APR, for your latest brain child. Truly an inspired promotional creation!!!
My sales have been strong and I believe it’s because my newsletter has had such phenomenal growth with the giveaways I've run. I’m actually doing very little advertising beyond FB these days. Don’t need to.

Ann Gimpel

National Bestselling Author of the "Earth Reclaimed" series

IT WAS AWESOME!  Thank you so much!!!  I have been using your services in one way or another since I published my first book 2 years and have plans to use it for my 19th coming in March, as well as all the others to come! 
Y'ALL ROCK!   I have NEVER been disappointed with anything from you!  I am THRILLED y'all are here to take the guesswork out of building my list for me and I look forward to the future.  
I have already received approximately 3500 new subscribers over two months from y'all! 
I further see a rise in my average daily sales from 250 to over 300 books!! I attribute that in large part to the new readers y'all are bringing me because at this point I am using no other advertising.  

Julia Mills

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the Dragon Guard, Kings of the Blood and 'Not-Quite' Love Story Series

Here's Exactly What You'll Get For Your Author Platform Rocket Perpetual Giveaway

  • We create, post and promote your giveaway on our high-traffic websites
  • Custom Featured Ecosystem Twitter Graphic & Blast to thousands of our followers
  • Custom Featured Ecosystem FaceBook Graphic & Blast to thousands of our followers
  • Custom Featured Ecosystem Pinterest Graphic & Post to thousands of our followers
  • You'll get a copy of the e-mail list of entries from your giveaway (Vital!)
  • A permanent link to the giveaway to share and promote
  • We will set up, run and manage Facebook paid advertising to promote your giveaway. YOU contribute the budget for the ads and WE will manage the entire thing start to finish.  You have super affordable options starting as low as $3 per day + 3% PayPal fees.
  • Choose the ads budget that fits YOUR needs, $3/day, $5/Day or higher by request!
  • LIMITED BONUS: Get 2 featured read or free read runs in our powerful newsletter!  (You can run the same book every 120 days or run differnet books back to back!)

We work closely with you to gather the information needed to run your giveaway and host it for you, promoting it to our ravenous readers and fans.

Also, if you have any questions please feel free to email us:

We look forward to helping you build your audience and author platform!

Thank you so much,

The Author Platform Rocket Team