Discover The 3 Part Framework For Selling More Books & Building A Hyper-Responsive Author Platform 

(Without Wasting Hours Messing With Ineffective Ads)

Tonight You Will Learn The 3 Part "Framework" Behind Highly Effective Book-Sellng Strategies That Are Working RIGHT NOW (And Almost Nobody In The Publishing Industry Are Using Them!) 

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During This Free Training, You’ll Learn:

Our 3 part framework for increasing your book sales/reads (Without spending hours managing ads).

The 2 "Tricks" to standing out in an overcrowded market (Without constantly spamming your readers).

How to automate & outsource 90% of your marketing so you can get your time back and write more books!  

MEET THE HOST: Jonny Andrews

Effective Marketing Tips From A Seasoned Industry Vet

Since 2012 Jonny Andrews has been seen as the "go to guy" for author markting and self publishing. He has appeared on many top podcasts (such as Smart Passive Income With Pat Flynn) During this free training he will break down what he and his team have learned fo working with over 16K authors, running as many as 2K ads per day managing over $1mill n author ad spend and distributing over 3 million subscribers to authors.

Here's What Past Attendees Are Saying:

Abby Weeks

"I owe you a lot. I got my sales up to $100k per month after taking up the methods I learned from you!"

Paula Seymour

"I’d just lost a job and was living at my parent’s house for the winter. I put everything you taught me to use and now I'm closing in on about $200k in sales for the year!"

Author Christine Church

“Ohhhh Ok now I totally get it! Thank you so much. You have managed to get me to understand something in 1 hour that I've been trying to understand for a year!”


Get Ready To Sell More Books!