Welcome to the APR Agency Growth program!  Just fill out this fast intake form and we will get you cooking.  Please allow 24-48 hours for us to get you all set up.  If you need anything simply reach out at sponsorships@authorplatformrocket.com

  • Please put exactly as it appears on the cover
  • Whatever email address you check at least daily, if not more.
  • We've come to notice author folk have 99+ emails so please hit us with the one you used to join this program. It'll allow us to link everything up. You can use your PP email/PP subscription/receipt number or the one ThriveCart sent you.
  • Please confirm you are in the KDP Select program and we can run promotions for you using that service.
  • Please list all genres/subgenres you fall into
  • AKA body parts inserted into other body parts and the like
  • Please upload high rez PDF of your book cover
  • 500 words or less, please.
  • Anything related to your author name such as FB fan pages/Twitter accounts/Goodreads. Simply copy/paste them all in the box
  • Who has the audience you want? Give us about 10 ideas using only BIG names. (AKA if you write horror you'll enter Kuntz or if you write vampire romance featuring alpha males you'll put down JR Ward)
  • Don't forget to also include the source! (AKA who said it!) And if you have nothing just say "nothing"
  • Working with multiple series is no problem, but for now let's start with one you want to hit most.
  • Please upload your author bio here
  • We'll need this to optimize your descriptions/categories and the like. FYI: Amazon encrypts all your financial info so there is no way to pull anything down or "hack".
  • This is also used to further optimize your descriptions, keywords and categories.
  • Let us know anything you think we need to know or ask if you have some questions. Either way we will be with you shortly!