Agency Exclusive Application

Welcome to the application page for the Elite Author Agency Program!  We are super excited to chat!  Please take a few minutes to fill out this super fast form and after you submit it we will be in touch to set up a call within 24-48 business hours (often sooner!) And if you have any questions at all please shoot us an email at

  • Working with multiple series is no problem, but for now let's start with one you want to hit most.
  • Give 2-3 examples of what you do on an ongoing basis that's really working well for you currently.
  • Is your focus direct to book sales ads? Subscriber building? Building a street team?
  • Just a rough number is fine.
  • You can figure this out by dividing the number of people who downloaded/purchased book 2 by those who purchased/downloaded book 1.
  • This is important to determine series profitability
  • No need for perfect numbers simply a rough estimate based off of the last 12 months sales
  • This won't effect the decision to work with you. Just need to know where we are looking in terms of hard push promo.
  • Simply in your own words let me know how this can help you
  • Please provide us with the dates and titles for your upcoming release date for as far out as you have them planned.
  • Please provide us with the dates and titles for any scheduled promos. That means dates you plan to either reduce the price of your book or make it free.